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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Piney Grove Middle School shall provide an educational environment
which empowers students to become lifelong learners, to think critically and creatively
and to develop knowledge, skill and values
required for effective citizenship in our diverse and global society.


Our Mission

The Piney Grove Middle School Community is committed to good citizenship, personal responsibility, and lifelong learning.
    The Stokes County Middle Schools Course of Study is based on the requirements of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the recommendations found in This We Believe, a professional position paper developed by the National Middle School Association.

   As stated in This We Believe, a developmentally responsive middle school curriculum must be "challenging, integrative, and exploratory."  It must actively engage young adolescents by focusing on substantive issues and skills that are relevant to these students.  While focusing on reading, writing, and problem solving this curriculum must cultivate the skills of scholarship and provide learning experiences that both integrate and draw from the disciplines.

   The entire middle school curriculum focuses on exploration.  It provides opportunities for students to discover their particular abilities, talents, interest, values, and preferences.  The curriculum also provides exploratory experiences that acquaint students with enriching, healthful leisure-time pursuits, such as lifetime physical activities, involvement in the arts, and community services.

   Additionally, the philosophy of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study states that the primary purposes of this document are to help students develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible, productive citizens and to help them achieve a sense of personal fulfillment.

   In meeting the requirements of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the recommendations of This We believe, Stokes County Middle Schools focus on a required core curriculum for all students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and a varied exploratory curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs at each grade.